Images to treasure for a lifetime…

Al Dhabi offer iconic photoshoots with some of our most gorgeous horsey models set in our beautiful desert environment.

If you’re looking for a memento of a lifetime, something to remind you of your trip to Dubai, or an image to celebrate a very special occasion, let the Al Dhabi team put together a photoshoot of a lifetime.

Our horses range from our iconic black Arabian stallion (Waleed) to gentle snow-white Arabian mares, with every colour, shape and size in-between. Our saddlery too, can be customised specifically for your shoot, our options include; English, Western, Indian or Egyptian- Arabic.

Photoshoots should be prearranged with our staff. Clients should have an initial visit to our farm to choose their horse and saddlery.

Photoshoots are available for one/two/three hour durations and can be arranged with our photographer or yours. All our horses come with experienced handler. Please be aware the best light for this activity is either early morning or immediately prior to sunset.

For more information please contact: