Making safe, capable and competent riders

Have you always dreamed of learning how to ride competently and safely? Our adult lessons are available both privately and in a group setting and allow you to develop the essential skills at your own pace.

Our beginner programme is taught by international female instructors and works to stabilise your balance, develop confidence and introduce the essential skills of horsemanship.

Our training programme has been developed over many years, and on completion our riders are confident, secure and balanced, plus have a strong understanding and respect for their horse.

Once the beginner levels are completed, our riders have the foundation to move on to enjoy any equestrian discipline. Al Dhabi- Dubai City Stables also offers specialised endurance training. These are available only in a private lesson format and are performed on horses trained in the specific discipline. Lessons focus on developing skills and understanding of the sport.

Please note: Riding helmets are supplied for lessons

For more information on our adult, dressage and jumping lessons Tel: 0505680080

Group Horse Lesson Package of 10 session

Private Horse Lesson for 2 person Package of 10 session

Private Horse Lesson

Private Horse Lesson for 2 person

Private Horse Lesson Package of 10 session

Group Horse Lesson